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Essence of Water was started in order to provide an information platform about water, including new scientific studies, discoveries and innovations, the current water crisis, and solutions for personal, home, and agricultural water treatment. Our goal is to hopefully shed some new light on the very important and amazing substance that water truly is and how it is energetically interconnected to all aspects of life.  


This all began because of our own frustration on trying to figure out how to get clean, healthy water, the way nature intended, without all of the chemicals and pollutants, and without having to buy bottled water all the time. Which, as we found out during our research, even the quality of bottled water can be very questionable. Plus that only takes care of the water you drink and doesn't address the harmful things in the water that you can absorb while taking a shower. We knew we had to do something, especially when we started to receive reoccurring letters almost every month from our municipal water treatment plant notifying us of their repeated violations for exceeding the legal limit for chlorine disinfection byproducts, such as Trihalomethanes, which are hazardous to our health. Jason also had developed some sort of skin issue on his chest that resembled a chemical burn that always seemed to get worse right after he showered. So, we decided to start digging and uncover some truth about water.


To begin our research, we decided to start with water itself, in order to understand why it is so important for our health, instead of just looking at different products which all seem to claim to do this or that with no real proven science to back it up, and which none of seemed to fully return water back to its beneficial, life giving state before the chemicals and pollution had been introduced. We wanted to know what things had an impact on water and why, and then what that meant about how the water then impacted us and our health. Through all of our research, we made some amazing discoveries, and decided we wanted to pull all of the information together and share our findings with anyone that is interested.


We sincerely hope that the information provided brings you a new found understanding of how water is not just a typical liquid and that you enjoy what we have put together on our site.

Heather and Jason Biddle


If you have any questions or would like more information please give us a call at (619) 886-6137 or you can email us.