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How AquaVivos™ works

Your body is literally a heat-generating machine. Oxygen is needed by the cells to generate energy and perform the basic metabolic functions every second of every minute of every day. As the oxygen molecule is utilized by the cells, oxygen electrons are consumed and the “by-product” produced is an unstable oxygen molecule that is now lacking one or more electrons. This unstable oxygen molecule then becomes an enemy to the cell and is called a “free radical”. So, actually, one of the primary sources of free radicals is the cell itself. Additional free radical ions enter the body from such things as cigarette smoke, processed foods, toxic chemicals and even substandard drinking water. There is little doubt that reducing and even eliminating free radicals on the cellular level will greatly increase health and longevity. Free radical molecules are very chemically unstable and cause cellular aging because they are missing electrons. As the free radicals seek to regain their lost electrons, they, out of necessity, attack healthy cells in order to steal their electrons. Sometimes, these free radicals target enzymes or vital protein chains within the cells. Often times, they damage DNA strands in the nucleus after damaging the cellular membrane itself. It has been conservatively estimated that each and every one of our 70 trillion cells experiences over ten thousand free-radical hits each day.


So the question is - “Is it possible to reduce the free radical hits to only a thousand or even less each day?” Yes indeed. It is not only possible but easily achievable to do so with a very potent anti-oxidant supplement. We believe that AquaVivos™ may well be that supplement.


AquaVivos™ polyphenols (also called lysozymes) are actually concentrated vegetable-extracted colloids called micelles that measure approximately 1 ten-millionth (1/10,000,000) of a centimeter in size. Nano-technology has discovered that the biological activity of these amazing colloids is completely electrical in nature. Like mini planetary globes, each micelle has two electromagnetic poles - one exhibiting a positive electrical charge, and the other an opposite, negative charge. This electrical differential produces a constant, measurable electrical charge when added to water - primarily because one pole of the micelle is hydrophilic (having an affinity for hydrogen in water) and the other pole is hydrophobic (or repels hydrogen).


Amazingly, these electrically charged particles continue to constantly repel each other in a ceaseless random orbit and movement resulting in the hydrogen ions in water becoming “supercharged” with free electrons that neutralize free radicals. As a result, the hydrogen ions in the “treated” water become much more powerful “reducing” agents, helping the individual animal and plant cells to more effectively absorb nutrients, remove toxins (especially hydro-carbon petrochemical agents), destroy pathogens and parasites while producing energy. In essence, AquaVivos™ may be one of the most important nutrients available anywhere because it may help the cells to HYDRATE more effectively as it neutralizes harmful free radicals. Since most chronic and degenerative diseases are definitively linked to FREE RADICAL and DEHYDRATION factors, any supplement that both increases cellular hydration while working as a super anti-oxidant is of extreme physiological value.


Contaminants in water that act as free radicals are quantified and identified as totally dissolved solids, or TDS. Studies have shown that TDS particles are naturally attracted to the micelles in AquaVivos™ by what might best be described as an electromagnetic “force field”. When the electrical attraction of the micelles is greater than the force holding the TDS particles together (this occurs in 98% of all TDS contaminants) then a truly amazing event occurs. The TDS particles literally transmute back into their base atomic original form, which is of course primarily hydrogen and oxygen atoms. This is why TDS contaminants in water tend to evaporate or actually “disappear” in water treated with AquaVivos™. This is especially true with water contaminated with free radical trihalomethanes (THMs), chlorine residues and benzene-based petrochemical contaminants. In short, all potentially harmful contaminants in water are eventually broken up into completely water-soluble ions of hydrogen and oxygen by these “super colloids”. Even ocean water with extreme TDS counts transmutes into fresh, potable water over time! This further explains why AquaVivos™ has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties, as well as being a very effective cleaning agent with NONE of the harmful side effects of traditional household chemicals that are potentially deadly. This also explains why water treated with AquaVivos™ may help the body to remove dangerous toxins from the cells and tissues themselves.


Independent test results prove that when structured water is combined with a small amount of AquaVivos™, many types of harmful bacteria are killed on contact while at the same time the reproduction and growth of the body's healthy aerobic flora is dramatically enhanced. The positive implications of this research are simply staggering. You can read the actual certified laboratory test results for the anti-bacterial activity of AquaVivos™ here. In addition to obliterating many types of harmful pathogens, AquaVivos™ has been shown to exhibit one of the highest levels of anti-oxidant activity of any substance ever tested (as mentioned above).


AquaVivos™ also acts as a powerful natural surfactant, meaning that it dramatically reduces the surface tension of water, which is a good thing because reduced surface tension means that the cell does not have to work as hard to take up water. This leads to an increase in hydration and a deeper cleansing of the cell. In-house tests show that the Crystal Blue Water Structuring Units will reduce the surface tension of water by up to 35% on their own (depending on the water's surface tension reading to begin with), which is phenomenal all by itself, but when combined with AquaVivos™, the surface tension of the structured water decreases by up to another 6% to an astonishing total of 41%!