During our journey to find how to get clean, healthy water, we came across a company that seemed to fully grasp this understanding of how life is truly interconnected through subtle energies and frequencies, and that water has one of the most significant roles in this connection. They not only have this understanding […]

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Power of Frequencies

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”      ~  Nicola Tesla Information Through Electromagnetic Frequencies Dr. Peter Gariaev, Director of the Wave Genetics Institute in Moscow, Russia states: “The way we transmit information in our body is through the electromagnetic and torsion fields.”  He has

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  Clara Smith, Feb. 29, 2016 SWOLLEN LEGS – LOST THE SWELLING: “It is my pleasure to share this personal experiential information with whomever is interested. I am Clara Smith and I am soon to be 64 years old. Since 2006 I have worked in the very arduous food service industry, spending as much as

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  What is Frequency? Much of the energy in the universe travels through both space and time in a manner very similar to waves rippling across a pond. Or how about a wave of water racing across the ocean. The faster the wave is traveling, the more energy it contains. The pond ripple and ocean

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Current Water Crisis

How Safe is our Water? The following is from an article by the Natural Resources Defense Council, “What’s in Your Drinking Water?“:   “Safe drinking water is something we Americans tend to take for granted, until a crisis like lead contamination in Flint, Michigan, makes us wonder what chemicals could be lurking in our own

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Structured Water

    Water is not merely a collection of individual H2O molecules. Instead, water in the liquid state is characterized by a specific structure, (H2O)n, where “n” equals the number of H2O molecules that are joined together. How are these water molecules joined? And, what is the nature of their structure? This is what has

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About Crystal Blue

    Crystal Blue’s main focus is to provide you the very best products for enhancing your life and the lives of those you love. Toward that end, they rely on the most scientifically-advanced and reproducible testing methods and equipment available such as:      Tensiometers (an instrument used to measure the surface tension of

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