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Crystal Blue’s Water Structuring Units integrate 11 dynamic processes and materials that are involved in the Hydrologic Cycle and that are found naturally occurring in our earth and atmosphere in order to bring water back to its optimal state, the way nature intended, for beneficial and easy absorption by plants, animals, and ourselves. Crystal Blue incorporates vortex energy, piezoelectricity, naturally occurring magnetic, paramagnetic, and scalar fields and static electrical charges, visible and infrared light (biophotonic energy), a mix of powerful crystals and minerals, Iridium 2674, and pure 24 karat gold. The significance of the types of materials and natural energies used is that they facilitate a substantial reduction in the surface tension and reorganization of the chemical bonds of the water itself which allows the water to penetrate quicker and more efficiently deep into the cells and tissues of plants, animals, and most of all, ourselves. In addition, it also allows harmful gases such as chlorine to be expelled at an accelerated rate, making water taste and smell clean and refreshing.


All of Crystal Blue’s stainless steel in-line and portable units are computer machined, individually hand-crafted precision instruments made of the finest food-grade NSF, ANSI and national and international plumbing code-compliant materials such as surgical grade stainless steel, pure copper and crystal glass. Add the pure genius of incorporating the 432 Hertz frequency into all units, and the science of water enhancement is now at a level never before seen. These advanced devices are the result of years of dedicated work on the part of scientists, engineers and Crystal Blue’s core team which is responsible for its unique proprietary mineral recipe and flawless manufacturing technology. The units are proven in laboratory testing to be far more effective than any other water structuring devices.

Each Water Structuring Unit Contains:

The Vortex (Flow Form)

“Water is the life blood of the earth. When water is healthy it has a complex structure that enables it to communicate information, carry energy and nutrients, promote healing, self-cleansing and the discharge of wastes.”

~ Viktor Schauberger

The spiraling motion of the vortex has been discovered to be the foundational basis for all life. Examples of this can be seen in the electromagnetic fields generated by the human heart, in the basic shape of a tree, and even in the geometric structure of the universe itself.


The vortex is the mainstay of what is referred to as implosion technology which was developed by Viktor Schauberger, and the toroidal vortex in particular is considered to be one of the main mechanisms responsible for imbuing water with its critical ecological functions of renewal and life support. Water prefers to flow in layers or in three dimensions rather than in streams, for only then can it perform its real role, that of absorbing energy from the quantum field. The purpose of this is to communicate nourishment and information from the environment that the organism’s cells need for maintenance. If the water is in a turbulent state, these layers multiply. The water moving in a vortex motion restructures these layers, deleting the stored information – like deleting a magnetic tape.  

Alick Bartholomew is the author of “HIDDEN NATURE – the Startling Insights of Viktor Schauberger”, and of “THE STORY OF WATER – Source of Life”, and the following is from his article What is Living Water?:


“As a young man, Schauberger had a remarkable experience while sitting by a rushing stream in his pristine Alpine refuge. Listening to its vivacious music, he intuited how water needs to move and behave in order to stay healthy, which was to inform the ground-breaking research that earned him the title of “the Water Wizard”. Water needs to flow in a particular dynamic way, and must not become over-heated. Movement and temperature are the key criteria for water, and therefore for all life. Still water is passive; it is amorphous and apparently lifeless. As soon as it begins to move, it is filled with surfaces that define little structures, convoluted in form, and with dancing vortical shapes. The nature of water is to move. When it is active it comes alive; in movement it fulfills its potential, which is to bring life.

In order to maintain its quality, water needs to behave like it does in a natural stream, dancing and cavorting in spirals and vortices, or in the ground, constantly moving sinuously in capillaries or circulating within its storage chambers. In a youthful stream, water is most active, producing vortices down the stream length, which act like the river’s immune system. The vortex introduces more complex molecular structures that can carry higher etheric energy which will drive the pathogenic or harmful organisms to the water’s edge where they are immobilized by the aggressive oxygen to be recycled later.

Viktor Schauberger created a wooden pipe to demonstrate how a slower flowing river has a longitudinal vortex running down its center; the coldest part of the flow being in the center. He added guide vanes to create torroidal counter-vortices to transfer impurities to the pipe walls. They also act like ball bearings to enhance forward movement. The action of the torroidal vortex concentrates pathogenic bacteria round the pipes walls, where they are destroyed by a positively charged oxygen concentration. It acts like the river’s immune system.

People mocked Viktor when he insisted that water behaves like a living organism. When it has reached maturity water displays amazing properties. He showed how, when it is vibrant and healthy, it pulsates, twists and spirals in a very specific way that maintains its vitality and purity, enabling it to fulfill its function as an energy channel and a conveyor of nutrients and waste for all organisms.


The vortex draws in energy at the appropriate wavelength or level from the field of infinite energy in space confirmed by quantum physicists. This energy field is the hierarchy of cosmic energies which nourish life. The greater the power of the vortex, the higher the level in the quantum field that can be tapped.”

How It’s Used by Crystal Blue

The Crystal Blue Water Structuring Units were inspired by the science of implosion developed by Viktor Schauberger who noticed how water uses a three-dimensional vortex pattern to renew itself. Their unique design and flow dynamics accomplishes one of nature’s greatest miracles of regeneration and renewal by mimicking the natural flow of water as it falls to the earth as rain, or cascades down a cool mountain stream creating a measurable increase in water’s ability to hydrate and nourish plant and animal tissues, penetrate soils and conserve water.


The process of optimizing water begins by passing the water through a collection of perfectly arrayed precision ground silica crystal spheres arranged in a meticulously configured geometric pattern known as the “flow form.” These forces, which are created by the internal action of the Crystal Blue flow form, cause the molecular bonds to stretch apart. When water flows in a multi-toroidal vortex pattern, many interrelated benefits begin to occur. I say begin to occur because vortexing is not the “end all” to the proper structuring of water, but one of many interrelated “pieces to the puzzle” that are described in more detail in the following sections below.


Vortices are the energy transformers and energy accumulators in nature, and opposing vortices (such as found in the Crystal Blue Water Structuring Units) are what nature most often uses to create healthy water. A vortex can increase the vibrational state of any electromagnetic frequency and it can restore the natural energy patterns to something that has been corrupted. Vortex flow technology provides the ability to remediate all forms of pollution in water by transforming the electromagnetic frequencies of the water back to their healthy state.


The Benefits:
  •    Disorganized water molecules become organized
  •    Ordered molecular patterns are created
  •    Corrupted electromagnetic frequencies from harmful substances are erased or transformed
  •    Beneficial electromagnetic frequencies and environmental information are then able to be imprinted


I highly recommend watching the following short video about Viktor Schauberger and the amazing discoveries he made about the flow of water and energy:

For a more in depth documentary about Viktor Schauberger, check out the video The Secrets of Water, The Documentary of Viktor Schauberger ‘Comprehend and Copy Nature’.


Mineral Wrap

Tightly packed within the walls of every Crystal Blue Water Structuring Unit is a proprietary blend of various crystals, selected rare earth and infrared generating minerals (including the Power Rock™ mentioned below), 12 different types of sun dried sea vegetation, seven different healing herbs, ATP (the cell’s energy molecule), 14 different medicinal mushrooms (4:1 concentrated extracts), healing clay, fulvic and humic acids, powdered Shungite and “Iridium 2674” (also detailed below), which is known as a type of orbitally rearranged monatomic element (ORME).


The Power Rock

Perhaps the most important substance contained within the mineral wrap is a unique paramagnetic and semi-conductive substance that is called the Power Rock™. To say the least, it is a VERY special material in that it is the “Engine” that powers all of the Crystal Blue products by dramatically increasing their ability to enhance water and the entire environment in ways like no other products can.


An independent mineral assay done at a prestigious analytical laboratory in Salt Lake City, Utah, as well as Crystal Blue’s own research, confirms that the Power Rock™ is one of the most elusive and important mineral substances on the planet, containing nearly all of the naturally-occurring mineral elements while showing extraordinarily high amounts of precious and semi-precious minerals, crystals, paramagnetics and semiconductors. Paramagnetic rock is a substance that, while not inherently magnetic in and of itself, becomes magnetized when in the presence of a magnetic field or substance.

Iridium 2674

When you look at the Periodic Table shown below, you will notice the element Iridium in the middle, which is part of a larger family of elements known as the “transition elements.”



Research conducted by the United States government at the Biochemistry Laboratory at the US Naval Air Development Facility found that each one of our body’s 70 trillion cells is at all times in direct and constant communication with every other cell via an elaborate electromagnetic “superconductor field”, or pathway. They identified a unique substance, an atomic element they proved to be the basis of this cellular communication. In healthy, happy people, this element was readily seen in abundance, but in sick, diseased, depressed or highly stressed individuals, this element was scarce or in some cases even non-existent.


The element was isolated, concentrated, analyzed and eventually found to be a silvery-white powdery element exhibiting what is known as “transition molecular chemistry.” Its chemistry is very similar to Iridium found in the middle of the Periodic Table above at position 77. They called this white powdery substance “Element X” or “Element 2674” or “Iridium 2674”. It has more recently been identified as belonging to a previously unknown class of elements now known as orbitally rearranged monatomic elements or “ORME” for short. The ORME’s display characteristics which completely defy the laws of western science. For more information read the article: ORMUS and Paramagnetic Soils.


The gentleman that developed the proprietary process for making “Element X” rather affectionately calls his mineral child “Ultimatium” or the “The Ultimate Element” and is making it exclusively for Crystal Blue.


The great Russian scientist Sakarov declared in many of his writings, that any substance, following biological transmutation, that becomes stabilized and weighs less than 56% in relation to its original weight, is a material that has successfully bent both space and time. In other words, such “Exotic Matter” is multidimensional and becomes the perfect cellular superconductor for all life on earth. In its pure state, “Element X” is virtually weightless. In a nutshell, its “molecular spin” is so incredibly fast that it simply defies gravity and has virtually zero weight in relation to its physical mass in this dimension of space/time. This “Exotic Matter”, as defined by Sakarov, also resonates at an extremely high rate which may be the reason why it does not respond in any way to the laws of gravity. As opposed to the normal appearance of Iridium, which is a hard, silvery-white metal, “Iridium 2674” takes the form of the aforementioned silvery-white powder that animates all of the colors of the rainbow. In fact, the name “Iridium” means “Rainbow”.


Perhaps the most stunning of all the studies so far conducted is the decade long research carried out by a major pharmaceutical company who, for the obvious reasons shown below, did not want their findings made public. It was, at the time reported, that researchers for the company administered a mysterious “silvery-white” powder to lab animals as well as to selected human subjects. The substance was only identified as being a “transition element” closely related to Iridium – yet slightly different. The unpublished results were simply mind boggling. The powder was shown to be anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and demonstrably anti-cancer. In short, it actually reverted the state of many deadly diseases and did so by renewing the cellular DNA while also strengthening the overall immune system. The reason why Element X accomplishes so many miraculous effects is because it is a superconductive substance that emits the specific healing light frequencies to the cellular DNA which will, over time, correct the damage thereby allowing the cells, tissues, and organs to heal on their own.


How It’s Used by Crystal Blue

Each mineral, crystal, and element, encased within the pressurized mineral wrap that surrounds the vortex chamber of the water unit, have specific roles to play that contribute to overall health and cell support. As water flows in a vortex through the device, it is transformed into a more vibrant state ideally suited for absorbing the full array of healthy information from each element contained within the mineral wrap that encases the inner core of the unit. More about how this is accomplished and its benefits is located further down in the section Frequency Transfer Within the Crystal Blue Water Structuring Units”.

Pure 24 Karat Gold (Portable Units Only)

Gold has the ability to efficiently transfer heat and electricity and is bettered only by copper and silver, but unlike these metals, gold does not tarnish. The corrosion resistance of gold is perhaps one of it’s most useful properties. Gold is immune to the effects of air, water, and oxygen and it will not tarnish, rust, or corrode in everyday use. In practice, it is corroded only by a mixture of nitric and hydrochloric acid. Gold is also one of the most electrically conductive metals, able to carry electrical current in temperatures varying from –55 to 200 degrees centigrade. Gold is also indestructible and completely recyclable.


How It’s Used by Crystal Blue

By applying a thin coating (electroplating) of pure 24 karat gold to the surfaces of the pure copper tubing of the inner chamber, the portable water structuring units become virtually impervious to any form of corrosion due to oxidation caused by repeated exposure to the air.

Energies Produced by the Dynamic Design:


Piezoelectricity was discovered in 1880 by two brothers, Pierre and Paul-Jacques Curie, who found that when a certain type of crystal, including Quartz, Tourmaline And Rochelle salt were compressed along certain axes, a voltage was produced on the surface of the crystals. This effect is known as piezoelectric effect.


How piezoelectricity works… normally, the charges in a piezoelectric crystal are exactly balanced, even if they’re not symmetrically arranged. The effects of the charges exactly cancel out, leaving no net charge on the crystal faces. (More specifically, the electric dipole moments – vector lines separating opposite charges – exactly cancel one another out.) If you squeeze the crystal, you force the charges out of balance. Now the effects of the charges (their dipole moments) no longer cancel one another out and net positive and negative charges appear on opposite crystal faces. By squeezing the crystal, you’ve produced a voltage across its opposite faces – and that’s piezoelectricity!



How It’s Used by Crystal Blue

All of the Crystal Blue Water Structuring Units produce this natural phenomenon of piezoelectricity. The mineral mix (described above) that is completely surrounding the inner core of the unit is compressed under an enormous amount of pressure exceeding 13 tons (or 26,000 pounds) on every square inch of the crystalline material. This can only be accomplished because of the strength, thickness and quality of the surgical grade stainless steel and pure copper inner tubes that are used.


In addition, in order to more effectively conduct the piezoelectricity to the water, the units have a pure copper rod inserted down the middle of the sphere stack which serves as an electrical attractant (sort of like how a lighting rod will attract a bolt of lightning), drawing the electrical and scalar energies and mineral frequencies being produced within the compressed mineral mix directly into the center of the inner copper chamber of the unit where the water is flowing. This feature further serves to charge the water with an abundance of natural energy that no other water structuring technology can match.

Biophotonic Energy

In 1974, German biophysicist, Fritz-Albert Popp, proved the existence of biophotons in all life forms and developed a biophoton theory to explain their possible biological role and the ways in which they may control life’s processes. The picture seen here is of an actual photon taken by a Crystal Blue friend and research partner, Dr. Krishna Madappa, using his GDV camera.


Every plant, animal and human cell requires natural light to live and grow. The plant obviously needs it as the catalyst for the miracle we all know of as photosynthesis which allows the plant cell to manufacture food for not only itself but for all life on earth. Likewise, both people and animals also need light to live. Each one of our cells contains within them a multitude of unimaginably small light receptors that gather light in the form of photons that occur in both the infrared and visible light spectrums.

Research has also revealed that the more biophotonic energy there is within water, the greater is it’s ability to enhance both health and healing. One of the most unique and newly discovered qualities of organized water is the presence of biophotonic energy, which is most easily described as the energy of life itself.


An interesting finding from biophoton researcher Prof. Dr. Popp is that:

“Only in structured water can the cells pass on information from DNA molecules, with the help of structured light”.


How It’s Used by Crystal Blue

As we all know, pressure creates heat. In the structured water units, the pressure being exerted on the crystalline-mineral mix causes a very slight amount of heat to be generated within the atoms of the crystals themselves. Without describing the complexities of how the heat is being generated, the excitation of the electrons causes them to move into a higher orbit further away from the nucleus. If the heat (or energy) applied is great enough, some of the electrons develop enough energy to simply break away from the atoms altogether. This stream of free electrons is what we all know as “electricity”, which can be directly used for the growth and repair of cells. However, if the energy is not great enough to completely dislodge the electrons from their orbits and cast them off as free electrons, but instead only temporarily raises them to a “higher energy state”, then the electrons will eventually snap back and return to their original, or lower energy state. When this occurs, it releases energy, and the energy is released as light, or photons, which is directly beneficial for cells as well. For more information on how this takes place, watch the following video:

Science reveals that cells are sustained, energized and repaired via light energy which is carried into all life forms by food and water as well as via energy emanations from all forms of matter on, below and above the earth. Consequently, the Crystal Blue Water Structuring Units are harnessing light energy emanating from the pressurized chamber thus optimizing the energy being carried into plants, animals, soils and ourselves, resulting in increased productivity and health.


For information about the importance of light and energy in producing healthy “structured” or liquid crystalline water (or “EZ Water” as Dr. Gerald Pollack calls it), please read the article The Fourth Phase of Water or watch the video below:

Paramagnetic Energy

Like light, every cell in your body requires natural magnetic fields to function properly. This observation, and the majestic interplay of magnetic and paramagnetic energy, is supported by the following statement from Philip S. Callahan, PhD, in his book, “Paramagnetism: Rediscovering Nature’s Secret of Growth” (Acres USA):


“We may easily understand then that the paramagnetic forces of rock amplify not only ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) radio waves in the atmosphere generated by lightning, but also the photon waves generated in the infrared and visible control region of life. Life processes are not only electronic, like the nervous system, but also very much photonic (or light producing) in nature. Life’s communication system’s messages are carried by photons, as are AT&T’s communication signals.”


How It’s Used by Crystal Blue

In addition to Dr. Callahan’s observations above, the Power Rock™, that is contained in the mineral wrap of every Crystal Blue Water Structuring Unit, also has a profound influence on water. When it is brought near water, the collective force from billions of individual paramagnetic rock particles generates a non-polar magnetic field that brings rapid molecular organization to the water.

Electromagnetic Fields

Einstein’s theory of special relativity describes magnetism as the byproduct of electric force. Hence, these two forces can be considered different facets of a more fundamental force, which physicists call electromagnetism.


Physicists use fields as abstractions to describe how a system affects its surroundings. The electric field of a charged object represents the force that it would exert on a charged particle. The field is stronger closer to the object because electrostatic force decreases as the distance between two charges increases. Magnetic fields are similarly defined, except they describe the force exerted on a moving charged particle. The most basic ideas in electromagnetic theory are “a changing electric field generates a magnetic field” and “a changing magnetic field generates an electric field.” This is explained further on the page titled Electromagnetic Frequencies.


How It’s Used by Crystal Blue

As stated above, all of the Crystal Blue Water Structuring Units generate substantial piezoelectrical fields, which in turn create a magnetic field. The vortex flow form also creates a magnetic field. These two go hand and hand to produce beneficial electromagnetic fields like ones that are found naturally occurring on our earth.


It is also known in the fields of plant and animal biology and human physiology that all life forms on the earth rely on the weak magnetic fields of the earth itself to remain healthy. Observations show that the Crystal Blue Units produce the optimum amount of electromagnetic force to sustain and enhance cellular growth and repair.


The following video will give you a better understanding of how magnetic fields work:

Static Electrical Charges


Ever wondered why your hair stands up when you rub a balloon on your head?


Well usually, atoms have the same number of electrons and protons so the atom has no charge, or it is “neutral.” But if you rub things together, electrons can move from one atom to another. Some atoms get extra electrons, so they have a negative charge. Other atoms lose electrons, so they now have a positive charge. When charges are separated like this, it is called static electricity. When you rub the balloon against your hair. Electrons move from your hair to the balloon. Now each of the hairs has the same positive charge and the balloon has a negative charge, so the hairs (having the same charge as each other) repel each other while being attracted to the negative charge of the balloon.


When we charge something with static electricity, no electrons are made or destroyed. No new protons appear or disappear. Electrons are just moved from one place to another. The net, or total, electric charge stays the same. This is called the principle of conservation of charge.


How It’s Used by Crystal Blue

When water passes through a magnetic field, it too develops a static electrical charge that is very similar to the balloon. Again, as a reminder, electrical energy is simply the movement of free electrons through a conductive material such as silver, copper, air or water.


As explained above, because the compressed mineral mix is completely surrounding the pure copper inner core of the unit where the water passes through, the water finds itself completely engulfed in the perfect balance of magnetic and paramagnetic charges and semiconductor materials. The water rushing through the unit simultaneously then gives rise to a static electrical field which in turn amplifies the aforementioned magnetic field that gave rise to the static electrical field in the first place.

Scalar Energy


The most common forms of energy that people are most familiar with are light, heat, sound, and electricity. These types of energy have both particle and wavelike properties, and they can be measured in terms of amplitude and frequency. They are known as transverse waves. And as previously stated, magnetism is an energy field that surrounds a moving electrical current, and can be detected by its effect on conductive metals.


Scalar energy, on the other hand, you might not be that familiar with, but it is very well known in astrophysics, geology, and hydrodynamics. Scalar energy is actually closer in its properties to magnetism. It is composed of fifth-dimensional, non-linear, non-Hertzian standing waves. Instead of being focused in beams or running along wires, it tends to fill its environment.


How It’s Used by Crystal Blue

Scalar fields exist out of relative time and space. It does not radiate as waves but expands outwards in circles of energy. Scalar energy does not decay over time or distance from its source. It is unbounded and capable of passing through solid matter. It has the capacity to carry information, and tremendous power. This is what occurs within the Crystal Blue units when the subtle mineral and healing frequencies embedded into the units are passed directly into the water and even the surrounding environment itself.


The space that the scalar energy occupies is not a vacuum but comprises a network of harmoniously balanced fields. This Scalar Energy occurs naturally and can also be created by electromagnetic generators. Scalar energy cannot be measured by modern day instruments which are designed to measure hertzian energy frequencies and wavelengths. However, its effect on objects can be strikingly demonstrated with Kirlian photography or Gas Discharge Visualization (as seen in the GDV Photos).



In the GDV Photos, it is obvious that the energy of both well and rain water are greatly increased after running through the Crystal Blue Water Structuring Unit. These photos were taken using a Gas Discharge Visualization camera.

432 Hz Frequency

Nicola Tesla and Albert Einstein both agreed that everything in the universe – including our own bodies – is made up of energy vibrating at different frequencies, and that what we call matter doesn’t exist; it’s all energy.


Over 80 years ago, a renowned frequency research pioneer, Dr. Georges Lakhovsky identified what he called the Universal Life Frequency, which was 728 Hz. It was thereafter also identified by the equally inventive genius, Dr. Royal Raymond Rife, as being one of the most beneficial and healing of all of the frequencies that he studied. An interesting point is that the 728 Hz frequency is a natural harmonic of the 432 Hz frequency, so by using the 432 Hz frequency you are also receiving the full benefits of the 728 Hz frequency as well.


Recent ground breaking research on the 432 Hertz frequency has brought us an entirely new understanding of the possibilities of enhancing and promoting health and vitality in plants, animals and people. In short, the implications for its proper use are nothing short of staggering. While the beneficial effects of the 432 Hz frequency have been known for some time, science was at a loss to adequately explain how and why this is so. It was not until recently that seminal research was able to provide us with detailed insight into its hidden mystery.


Another fascinating bit of recently discovered information reveals that music writing symbols are virtually all pictographs of sound energy flowing as it follows the Fibonacci ratio (aka the “Golden Mean”). The Golden Mean is a mathematical construct that is evidenced throughout all of nature in such seemingly divergent patterns as seashells, sunflower petals, DNA, hurricanes, and galaxies.



When the harmonics of 432 Hz come into play, the DNA spirals are harmonized and healed, according to recent “music therapy” research.


How It’s Used by Crystal Blue

Based on the mentioned research above, Crystal Blue has now fully incorporated the 432 Hz frequency into their already proven line of water-enhancing and frequency-based technologies with the expectation of more than doubling the astonishing effects that have been produced so far.


Preliminary research is showing that with the use of the 432 Hz frequency, along with the already well-established modalities of science-based water and frequency transfer, Crystal Blue is now able to bring the science of water enhancement to a level never seen before.


Check out the following video to get an idea of the significance of the 432 Hz frequency:

Absorption, Storage & Conveyance of Natural Energy & Information

One of the fundamental properties of most crystalline substances, including both water and silica, is their ability to absorb, store and then broadcast back into their environment all of the electromagnetic frequencies that carry both information and energy within their field of influence. 


Frequency Transfer Within the Crystal Blue Water Structuring Units

Each natural element and energy, contained within the water units, play an important role in order to give water the ability to support and enhance life’s biological processes. Each mineral, crystal, and energetic waveform, encased within the pressurized wrap that surrounds the vortex chamber of the water unit, also have specific roles to play that contribute to overall health and cell support. As water flows in a vortex through the device, it is transformed into a more vibrant state ideally suited for absorbing the full array of healthy information contained within the mineral wrap that encases the inner core of the unit.


The action that is taking place within the unit is a wireless information transfer to the water as it passes through this energized chamber. This conveyance of information is the transfer of light energy (or photons) which emanates from the chamber into the water. This information contains the energy signature of each substance contained within the chamber because each substance has a particular frequency which represents it’s function and how it interacts and affects living systems (just like in homeopathy, only the frequency is needed to activate a biological response). This amazing process all takes place without the water ever coming into physical contact with the minerals themselves that are inside the wrap.


This phenomena of frequency transfer is the natural means by which all matter in its various forms receives, stores and transmits information which travels from one source to another via electromagnetic waves. These waves of energy can be measured to determine their frequency which indicates the source and type of information being transmitted. This is the means by which cells are able to communicate with such speed and efficiency. It is a principle which has been proved, confirmed and verified by renown scientists around the world (the scientific research which supports this is located on the pages Memory of Water and Electromagnetic Frequencies).

To see some of the results from the Crystal Blue Water Structuring Units, check out Results.


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** Disclaimer: The information posted here by essenceofwater.org is for informational purposes only and is not meant to replace professional medical diagnosis, treatment or advice. You should always consult a qualified healthcare professional with questions about any medical conditions.

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