Product Description

Dimensions: 17″ x 5″ x 29 lbs.

Use for: Whole House, Garden, Greenhouses, Commercial and Agricultural and any other application for water lines from 2.25″ to 3″ diameter.

Click here to download instructions on how to measure your pipes.

* All of the in-line units are computer machined, individually hand-crafted precision instruments made of the finest food-grade NSF, ANSI and national and international plumbing code-compliant materials such as surgical grade stainless steel, pure copper and crystal glass.
* Includes graphene & Iridium 2674 superconductors.
* Infuses 432 Hz healing frequency & rare earth minerals into your water.

Some Benefits: Unimpeded flow rates; easy to use; no chemicals, salts, moving parts or filters; maintenance free and nothing to replace.

Note: Due to the cleaning nature of structured water, you may initially notice that the water coming through your pipes is partially cloudy in appearance. This is a temporary condition which normally clears up in a fairly short period of time. The cloudiness is a result of the water actually cleansing out the built-up mineral scale in older plumbing. Because this condition may persist for up to 90 days in some cases, we have extended our satisfaction guarantee to 6 months to permit you the time you need to see the real difference that structured water will make in your life.

All permanently installed AP-1, AP-2, AP-3, AP-6, AP-8, AP-10 and AP-12 (All-Purpose Stainless Steel, In-Line Water Structuring Units) are backed with a:

* 6 month (or one full growing season for agricultural applications) money back guarantee;
* 10 year warranty against factory defects in parts or workmanship

* Warranty & Guarantees are voided if product is returned damaged. If the product is received in a damaged condition, you must notify us immediately upon its receipt.

Installation Instructions: To download instructions for the AP-1, AP-2, and AP-3, click here.

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