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Structured Water Promoting Blood Solubility

Collected blood samples from a well known medical center for a patient having been drinking structured water for the past year from 2010-2011. Without any change in diet other than drinking the structured water, they provided some very significant results, thereby adding also that the patient had been on a fairly high dose of blood pressure medicine for the past 5 years.  However, since having been on the structured water, the patient has cut the dose significantly and many times forgotten to take her meds for several days and only being reminded when noticing the days missed. 

Structured water has also proven through phase contrast microscopy to increase blood solubility to produce more blood flow and oxygen to all extremities in the body that affect a blood analysis score.  In the patient mentioned, results were as follows:

*  Red blood cell and hemoglobin significantly increased as oxygen carrying cells

*  Lymphocyte cells, T cells protecting against viral infections

*  B cells developing into cell producing antibodies increased by 12%

*  Alkaline phosphatase, enzymes produced in the liver released into the blood for normal bone growth, increased by nearly 20%

*  Blood oxygen level increased by 10%

*  HDL increased by 17%

*  Fluid electrolytes increasing

*  2010: sodium 142 mmol/liter;  2011:  137 mmol/liter

*  2010: potassium 3.8 mmol/liter;   2011:  4.3 mmol/liter

Structured water has improved blood analysis in nearly every sense for a healthy and harmonic immune system.

This patient is my wife.    

–  G. Jordahl, Water physiology

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