Clara Smith, Feb. 29, 2016


“It is my pleasure to share this personal experiential information with whomever is interested. I am Clara Smith and I am soon to be 64 years old. Since 2006 I have worked in the very arduous food service industry, spending as much as 12 to 14 hours per day, 6 days a week on my feet…Rarely do I take a 30 minute break…without interruption. Business owner, I am. About five years ago I began to have a…painful, distracting and disconcerting as well because I believed it was speaking to me about my health but it was not clear…what I could do to remedy it…I mitigated it to the best of my ability with massage and massage tools…were somewhat relieving but were painful to administer. The obvious swelling of my legs started above my knees and extended all the way to the tip of my toes…progressively got worse with each passing year. The pain and discomfort was accumulative and continual while I was on my feet. At the end of my day when I removed my socks there were indentations from them that did not disappear until morning! My legs were often full, tight, and puffy…stiff, sometimes hard, and always a concern. I wanted a remedy not a drug…I needed to drink more water because my body was “holding” water it was not getting enough of. However, I realized over the years that increasing my water intake did not prevent the swelling, as it continued to get worse. During the early summer of 2015…Robert Brazy and Jeffrey Riggins introduced us to Crystal Blue’s Water Structuring Units. I knew our pH adjusted, but dead reverse osmosis water, needed improvement, but I had no perception of the potential benefits of structured water! As summer clicked along…I appreciated a clear sensation of my thirst being “satisfied” by drinking structured water. We structured every drop we drank and cooked with. Not until a few months after using the CBWS Unit did it dawn on me that MY LEGS WERE NOT SWOLLEN ANYMORE!!! I have no other thing to attribute that fabulous improvement in my legs! Nothing. I did not see a doctor, I did not change my diet, supplements, or routine…except for working harder than ever before. It was a very busy season! The biggest blessing is the fact that MY LEGS STOPPED SWELLING! NO MORE SOCK MARKS AND NO MORE CONSTANT PAIN WHILE STANDING! I completely believe that the Crystal Blue Water Structuring Unit’s “product”…more usable water, healthy water…is the reason my legs stopped swelling! THANK YOU CRYSTAL BLUE! In fact, we know that installing a Crystal Blue Water Structuring Unit is a vital component of the water treatment system we are assembling and installing this spring on our rural western Colorado well. It is such a joy to know that we will be drinking the healthiest water possible!”

Sarah Daw, United Kingdom

Testimony for Crystal Blue Hand Held Unit:

“There is nothing quite like being proved wrong about a product one is initially skeptical about. On receiving the product, we tried two experiments: We took a bunch of flowers a week old (but by no means dead) and put them into vase of structured water. Within an hour they looked magnificent! Flushed with beauty. Extraordinary! They are now three and a half weeks old.”


“My horse has an automatic water dish in her stable. Her routine is to drink first thing in the morning, after her evening feed, and at night, taking on board what she needs. It’s unusual, having been out in the field during the day where she drinks freely from the water trough, to want to drink late afternoon, having already drank when she is brought in. We gave her half a bucket of structured water (took ages to fill as the handheld is small) taking care not to spill any unstructured water into the bucket for the purpose of the experiment. She literally ran to the bucket to have a long drink. No hesitation at all. It might as well have been a bucket of carrots, she was so eager. We have done a lot of work with horses including Reiki and crystal healing, and in our experience, animals, particularly horses, tell it how it is.”

Rhonda Rolfe, Llandilo. NSW Australia

Money & Time saving:

“I really wanted to put the whole house unit to the test before I started talking to others about it. I have been impressed with the results so far. I’m no longer using rinse aid in the dishwasher and the dishes are drying clear without spotting; I use less detergent in the washing machine and no fabric softener; washing the car is much quicker now that I don’t have to dry it off – it dries without white spots on it, as do windows.”

Other Benefits:

“I love the fact that I can drink the water straight from the tap, something I haven’t done in 15 or 20 years. That means no bottled water being delivered or purchased from the supermarket – another savings on cost and no plastic bottles to destroy our environment. And of course, no unpleasant chlorine smell which sometimes had me thinking I was at an aquatic center. If all that is not enough, I can’t believe how my veggies are growing and are pest-free without the use of any chemicals.”

Doris Morissette, Retired Nurse

“I decided to do a water kefir experiment using structured water, and this is what I found: water kefir thrives on structured water. Kefir cannot survive in water that has chlorine in it. The structured water does something to the chlorine so it no longer harms the water kefir. No need to buy special water to make your kefir. The kefir grain on the bottom is from the original batch. The kefir grain on the top is a kefir grain from that same batch soaked in structured water. Notice how much larger the structured water kefir grain is? The only difference is the water.”

“Here is a picture of the heating element from our rice cooker. It used to be covered in hard water scale, but after we started using structured water, the hard water scale started falling off.”


“We also saw the effects of rust reduced, if not eliminated. Our water has a small amount of rust in it, and we have gone through a lot of shower curtains because of the rust stains! We changed the shower curtain 6 months ago, and it is still as white as can be. No signs of rust at all.”


“Last, but certainly not least, and we really want to emphasize this, there is no more chlorine smell. During, and after a shower, it smells more like it does after a fresh spring rain.”

Joan Lewis, Kentucky


 To Jim (CEO Crystal Blue):

“I just have to let you know how happy I am with the products I received a week ago. Having lived with Lymphoma for twenty plus years, I learned two years ago that it had gone to the bone and have used a walker since. I have never done Chemo or other “regular” means to survive. I trust my God and natural ways to heal. The two knee wraps and the back wrap muscle test VERY strong for me, but the main witness is their use! Without a doubt, I feel stronger with them on. AND, since wearing for a week I am having almost no pain. Before I was taking a narcotic 3 to 5 times a day, and now am taking none! I believe the Frankincense is a great benefit! While the pain is almost gone, my balance and coordination remains poor. No surprise there as my legs, hips and spine are loaded with cancer!


The hand held water unit is fantastic. I tested it against the old one and WOW what a difference. Not only am I seeing a difference in how I feel, but the taste is wonderful. It has a smooth silky feel and goes down easily. A friend did a pH test on my house water and the distilled I drink past restructuring. The house water with your old restructuring unit was a 8.8 and the distilled with the hand held Frankincense was a 9.3. What else can I say? This almost 80 year old gal is about to feel young again! I look forward to trying the shower unit! If I were younger I would love to be a rep. What an opportunity!”

Thanks for all you do!

Joan Lewis, Kentucky

JJ – Palm Beach, FL

“Just have to tell you what happened; a friend of mine who is considered by her doctors as a SEVERE asthmatic, came over and got restructured TAP water. After 3 days of drinking it (not even bathing in it), she was able to walk a couple of blocks OUTSIDE, something she could barely do before, even with her medicine! Astonishing! She knew I was meeting with another friend about this device and so she came over to tell me. She was so happy! So excited! Oh, she was VERY skeptical about the whole thing. And despite that, she was helped: ) Happy, happy, joy, joy!”

B Harris, Forster. NSW Australia

Softer Skin:

“While staying at my daughters place for 2 weeks, drinking and showering in the structured water, I noticed my skin was much softer, and felt squeaky clean, particularly on my face.”


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