Crystal Blue’s main focus is to provide you the very best products for enhancing your life and the lives of those you love. Toward that end, they rely on the most scientifically-advanced and reproducible testing methods and equipment available such as:


  •    Tensiometers (an instrument used to measure the surface tension of a liquid)
  •    Refractometers (to measure the Brix or food-nutrient levels)
  •    Water Hardness and Turbidity Testers
  •    Sprout Testing (an easy and very reliable way to prove the beneficial effects of Structured Water on living tissue)
  •    Agricultural Field Testing (on all types of crops and livestock)
  •    Dark Field Microscopes (to measure the positive effects of Structured Water and healthy frequencies on human and animal blood)
  •    Kinesiological Testing (a simple way to demonstrate the dramatic strengthening effects of Structured Water and healthy frequencies on the entire body)
  •    Bacteriological Testing
  •    Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) cameras (reveal biophotonic pulsations of light discharges which indicate the amount of cellular energy)
  •    CymaScope (to measure the positive effects of energy and information on pure water and our environment in real time)


Because of all of the hype and pseudo-science about the subjects of water and harmful man-made electromagnetic frequencies that are now being promulgated as fact, Crystal Blue does not support unsubstantiated claims and only relies on solid and reproducible scientific evidence in support of their position regarding the existence and positive benefits of healthy water and enriched environmental frequencies that are both now within their ability to duplicate. Crystal Blue’s commitment is to always do their best to bring you the most reliable and up-to-date, fact-based information on the subjects presented.


In addition, in an effort to eliminate possible placebo effects, the majority of their testing and development has been done with thousands of acres of food crops and tens of thousands of animals. Plants and animals do not have an agenda, nor are the results influenced by what the subjects “expected” as in cases where the placebo effect on people often contaminates the results. It stands to reason that if plants and animals show signs of improved growth, health and well-being in response to structured water and natural resonant frequencies, so too will people who are also dependent upon the same inputs to sustain life.


Crystal Blue strives to never postulate obscure opinions, prejudices and theories as scientific fact. While theorizing is an initial step of scientific inquiry, its proper function is to spur the development of hypotheses which are then tested by controlled studies to produce replicable data bearing on the accuracy of the hypotheses and ultimately supporting the theory. Their approach has been to look at the natural world and observe how nature itself nurtures us all. Their theories and hypotheses about what might be possible are guided by the effort to, as close as possible, mimic what nature does. Nature works most efficiently when left to itself, unaffected by the unnatural and deleterious assaults caused by man. Given that observation, it makes perfect sense that in order to reverse the damage done by man, what is really needed is to observe and analyze nature for clues as to how things were designed to work and then implement the cures. This has been the driving force behind the concepts that have resulted in the Crystal Blue technologies.


On the other hand, theorizing and speculations should not be used as “smoke and mirrors” or slight-of-hand sales gimmicks. Crystal Blue promises to present the findings of their research and distinguish between observable results and theory or speculations. New research about water is revealing that it is very complex and capable of things beyond ordinary scientific understanding, therefore, they have published results about WHAT healthy water can do, however, in some cases, it is not possible to explain exactly HOW and WHY.


Some of the results of the Crystal Blue Water Structuring Units can be found under Results.

A Personal Message from Jim Dooley

Founder and President
Crystal Blue Enterprises


On behalf of all of the many great people who have made this effort possible, both the staff and dedicated distributors and volunteers worldwide, I would like to thank you for stopping by and visiting with us and for your interest in building a better world through the proper application of knowledge.


We are a diverse group of people who came together as a result of our individual explorations into the true nature and potential of water and the proper application of natural background frequencies for the purpose of improving our food supply and the health of people everywhere. As you no doubt already know, the recent dramatic decline of people’s health is in large part due to the compromised quality of our food and water due to environmental and electromagnetic pollution. We came together with a history of 50 years combined experience in caring for our environment and seeking to understand its mysteries – with a goal of reversing this disturbing trend.


Thank you,



To learn about some of the amazing scientists and institutions from around the world that Crystal Blue has partnered with, take a look at the next section, Crystal Blue Partners & Projects.

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