What is Frequency?

Much of the energy in the universe travels through both space and time in a manner very similar to waves rippling across a pond. Or how about a wave of water racing across the ocean. The faster the wave is traveling, the more energy it contains. The pond ripple and ocean wave both look very similar to the invisible electromagnetic waves that are engulfing each one of us all of the time (if we could see them, of course – which we can’t). Or to put it another way, we, and everything there is, are a miraculous reflection of the natural frequencies that we simultaneously absorb, embody, and, more importantly – emanate. More about this big subject will be explained later in this article.


The height of the wave is called the wave amplitude. The distance between the two wave peaks is called the wavelength, and the number of waves that pass a fixed point in one second of time is called the frequency. The frequency is measured in Hertz and the waveform itself is known as a Hertzian Wave. Amplitude, wavelength and frequency – that’s it!




Now, most of the energy that we are familiar with travels in the form of these Hertzian waves. There are others, but we will not go into them here. Anyway, the only difference between say classical music or deadly radiation is a function of the three characteristics of energy – amplitude, wavelength and frequency.

Water’s memory & imprint of frequencies

The liquid crystalline structure of molecules makes it possible for information to be stored in liquids. This is what the effectiveness of homeopathy and other natural remedies is based on. Water is the source, receiver and memory of “information”, or electromagnetic waves. Just as water can take on healing, positive information, it can also store negative characteristics. Unfortunately, these frequently destructive waves are not removed in standard water purification processes. Only special physical procedures can cancel out these frequencies, and if they are not erased, the information stored in the water can disrupt cellular and biological communications in our highly complex systems. This finding has been clearly proven by various scientists, including physicist Dr. Ludwig, and confirmed by the use of special frequency measurements.


On the other hand, the same can be witnessed in reverse, that so-called healing waters have particularly positive electromagnetic frequencies. Measurements on water taken from Lourdes or the Ganges prove this fact. For water to be of high-quality biologically, it must contain certain beneficial frequencies, if it is to be advantageous for the body. A key factor for effective revitalization to this high quality of water is to infuse helpful frequencies and overtones for water to return to its natural life-giving state. This factor is extremely important in today’s technological society as an abundance of high-frequency technologies are bombarding us every day, causing not only lymphatic fluid to acquire a change of crystalline structure but also causing negative frequencies to be stored in water and body fluids. The studies done by the Italian physicist Del Guidice show dramatic effects on people’s metabolism and consequently on their overall health as these frequencies can lead to reduced or even abnormal cellular activity.


The latest scientific findings, that pulsating microwaves from things like cell phones and wireless devices radically change the structure of extracellular fluid, should have us greatly concerned about the major impacts that modern technology is having on our health. This means that our cells could find themselves in a completely unnatural environment for fundamental metabolic processes. So, especially now days, it is vitally important that the water we drink is not only free of harmful elements and frequencies, but that it is also able to hydrate and nourish our cells and other important biological systems in order to prevent our health from deteriorating from the heavy beating of invisible forces we are subjected to on a daily basis.

Research on beneficial Electromagnetic Frequencies

In 2002, Dr. Peter Gariaev, director of the Wave Genetics Institute in Moscow, Russia, for the first time in history successfully managed to directly affect genetic information in the DNA of living rats using only electromagnetic frequencies. The information transfer of healing electromagnetic frequencies resulted in a 90% success rate in the healing and rebuilding of damaged pancreatic tissue. In some of his experiments the technology used was modified to allow for successful wireless transmission of the healing frequencies to the sick rats at a distance of 20 kilometers (over 12 miles!). Extremely weak signals were used. Yet astonishingly, the rats’ DNA was able to read and apply the signals that directly provoked a complete healing in almost every case!


In other amazing discoveries of water’s mysterious attributes, scientists at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf in Germany discovered that the structured water surrounding the DNA molecule actually influences the very structure of the genetic code of life itself.


What these researchers determined was that water can absorb, retain and also transmit biological information from one source to another by using electromagnetic frequencies. Their results confirm earlier ongoing research started in 1951, by Dr. Piccardi of Italy, verifying water’s extreme receptivity to subtle energy influences. Ultimately, these amazing scientific discoveries prove that water functions as a universal communication system with the ability to receive, retain and transmit vital life-sustaining information and energy to all living systems on the planet.

432 Hz Frequency

Recent ground breaking research on the 432 Hertz frequency has brought us an entirely new understanding of the possibilities of enhancing and promoting health and vitality in plants, animals and people. In short, the implications for its proper use are nothing short of staggering. While the beneficial effects of the 432 Hertz frequency have been known for some time, science was at a loss to adequately explain how and why this is so. It was not until recently that seminal research was able to provide us with detailed insight into its hidden mystery.


Check out the following video to get an idea of the significance of the 432 Hz frequency:


Seeing Sound

Here is a great example of the effects of different sound frequencies on water:



It’s natural to think of sound as an exclusively auditory experience. But if you were to see a sound wave, what would it look like? Science photographer Linden Gledhill decided to find out using water and neon lights. The results are pictured above. You can view the whole article about these amazing pictures here.

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