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Structured Water Promoting Blood Solubility

Collected blood samples from a well known medical center for a patient having been drinking structured water for the past year from 2010-2011. Without any change in diet other than drinking the structured water, they provided some very significant results, thereby adding also that the patient had been on a fairly high dose of blood pressure medicine for the past 5 years.  However, since having been on the structured water, the patient has cut the dose significantly and many times forgotten to take her meds for several days and only being reminded when noticing the days missed.


Structured water has also proven through phase contrast microscopy to increase blood solubility to produce more blood flow and oxygen to all extremities in the body that affect a blood analysis score.  In the patient mentioned, results were as follows:


  •      Red blood cell and hemoglobin significantly increased as oxygen carrying cells
  •      Lymphocyte cells, T cells protecting against viral infections
  •      B cells developing into cell producing antibodies increased by 12%
  •      Alkaline phosphatase, enzymes produced in the liver released into the blood for normal bone growth, increased by nearly 20%
  •      Blood oxygen level increased by 10%
  •      HDL increased by 17%
  •      Fluid electrolytes increasing
  •      2010: sodium 142 mmol/liter;  2011:  137 mmol/liter
  •      2010: potassium 3.8 mmol/liter;   2011:  4.3 mmol/liter

Structured water has improved blood analysis in nearly every sense for a healthy and harmonic immune system.

~ G. Jordahl, Water Physiology

 Agricultural Results

Cedar Grove Dairy, South Dakota



Cedar Grove Dairy near Platte, South Dakota, has a herd of 500 Holsteins. Before installing two of our water structuring units, the dairy had an average peak milk production of 116.1 lbs per cow. The units were installed on March 29, 2011, and the average peak performance was recorded monthly. The average peak performance increased in April, May and June. When last measured, average peak milk production had stabilized at 119.0 lbs per cow.



  •   Increased milk production
  •   Increased bio-availability of nutrients
  •   Increased feed efficiency
  •   Increased daily weight gain
  •   Improved cow and calf health
  •   Increased hydration
  •   Increased tolerances to temperature extremes
  •   Reduced birthing complications
  •   Increased calf livability


An investment of $3,000 resulted in a return of $80,000 in additional profits in just one year. With no need for further investment and only minimal maintenance required, these units will continue to generate profits for the Cedar Grove Dairy for generations to come.


Increased milk production is a direct result of increased hydration which is the key issue in milk production and is the missing link to countless biological functions in the body. Hydration is simply an increase in the availability of hydrogen to body cells which results in an increase in cell energy. This increase in turn results in more efficient milk production and increased vitality and health. Crystal Blue’s Water Structuring Units also facilitate the transfer of beneficial electromagnetic energies into every cell of an animal’s tissues resulting in increased immunities and a decreased need for pharmaceuticals and antibiotics.

Hostetler’s Farms, Arkansas & Missouri



“I made more money than ever before after installing water structuring units on two of my four chicken houses.”

~ Raymond Hostetler, Arkansas



  •   When chickens got sick, they recovered more quickly after treatment
  •   The chickens in houses with structured water got less complications after being sick than those in houses without structured water
  •   Placed above all other regional poultry growers in cost per pound per net gain
  •   Ammonia smell was eliminated from the chicken house
  •   Chickens were more alert


“We invested $5,000 for water structuring units at our 42,000 bird operation. Livability went up 5%, giving us about 2,000 more birds. All of our birds started laying sooner and stayed at peak longer, which meant an extra 50,000 dozen eggs. Our earnings increased by an average of $4 per bird.”

~ Marion Hostetler, Missouri



  •   Chickens started laying younger
  •   Eggs were up to size quicker and case weight came up faster
  •   Mortality was lower giving one farm 2,000 more birds in production over previous flocks
  •   Ammonia and manure smell disappeared
  •   Faster growth rates, higher production at peak and the peak lasted longer at above 96% for 3 to 4 weeks longer
  •   Net earnings rose upwards of $10 per bird compared to $6 per bird without structured water – for 42,000 birds

Leonard Hostetler’s Strawberries



And below is Leonard’s most recent bounty.

These strawberries were so big and beautiful that no one at the local market believed that they were real!


Dale Stahl, Wheat Farmer



“One of the best investments we have ever made with our farm.”

~ Dale Stahl

Best Quality Wheat Ever Produced

This past year, the South Dakota Dept. of Agriculture tested Johnny Stahl’s wheat and the germination rate was 100% which is unprecedented and never before seen in the state of South Dakota. Johnny attributes the success of his wheat program to structured water and microbes. Three years ago, his ground was hard with average wheat yields and now his ground is soft with the best wheat yields in the state. Johnny followed our spraying program of applying structured water with a regimen of microbial solutions two or three times per season. This 2000 acre South Dakota wheat crop yielded 27 bushels per acre more than comparative fields. Levels of mycotoxin contamination were reduced to less than 5 parts per billion. Post-harvest tests on seed germ quality shattered the existing state record with an unheard of 100% seed viability.

Joey Waldner, Bee Keeper



“Three years ago we lost 20 hives. Two years ago we began installing structured water units on our farm and lost eight hives. So far this year we have been using structured water for the entire farm and have lost ZERO.”

~ Joey Waldner

Corn, Wheat, Soybeans – 20 Bushel per Acre Increase

Water structuring units were used in recorded corn plot trials at farms in South Dakota and Iowa. Liquid nutrient blends were added to the water supply and passed through the units at pre- and post-emergence. The results were consistent at both locations, with plots showing a nearly 20 bushel per acre increase with structured water versus control plots that received the same liquid nutrient blends without structured water. At our clients’ farms throughout the Midwest, wheat and soybean crops are showing average yield gains of 15 to 20 bushels per acre, with improved grain quality.


Banana Farmer in India with great results!

Comparative Test Results




Silverbeet test done over 7 days


Rose Experiment


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